let it snow!

A few weeks ago, we had our first snow, and I realized that at six thirty in the morning, all by myself upstairs, when I pulled back the curtain. And yes, I very loudly said, “It SNOWED!” By myself. Because I really love snow. The next day, at work, while I was being excited about the pretty fluffy stuff everywhere, there were plenty of people who looked at me and asked, “Why the heck do you like snow?”

*to make sure there is no confusion here: I like snow. I do not like twenty below temperatures at six in the morning, or dreary clouds for days on end. Snow is great; some of the other parts of winter….not so great.*

But why does snow make me so happy? There’s just something about standing at the window, watching it fall to the ground. It’s peaceful. It’s beautiful.

Last winter, my sisters had their permits and needed some ‘winter driving conditions’. One night, my dad decided to take them out while it was snowing and I decided to tag along. Boy oh boy … what a beautiful night. It was dark out. No one was out driving, except us. We rolled the windows down and just drove slowly down country roads covered in snow.

While we were driving, I pulled out my phone and wrote a few paragraphs describing snow, and I saved it for a time that it needed to be posted for whatever reason. It’s short and sweet, but it kind of describes why snow is so important in our world.

It falls like fluff after a pillow breaks during an intense pillow fight, though it isn’t accompanied by shrieks of laughter. It lands on the ground with silence, but when it’s resting on frozen floor of Earth, the shrieks of laughter begin. Somewhere, there’s five kids, all home from school, who get to sled together one more time before the oldest leaves for college. There’s a mom and dad who take a walk but end up flat on their backs after slipping. Their laughter brings joy to their marriage for the first time in months.

Snow doesn’t care about what’s happened. It falls anyway, covering up dirt, ashes from a fire, and any blemish on the Earth. It makes a dead tree beautiful, a dirty car clean, and a world of darkness, light.

God didn’t create snow just because. He wanted different seasons, but He also wanted to give us this time of year to show us what grace is. Grace came after the fall. Humanity was lost, broken, and left for dead. Snow comes after fall. All the plants are dead, the leaves have fallen off, and the grass is yellow. It’s ugly. But when the snow comes, it blankets even the ugliest parts of nature and turns them into a beautiful cover of billions of white, sparkling proofs of grace.

BOOM! (Okay, I was really proud of that little thingy when I finished it, and still am.)

God put a million different things in the world to remind us of him. Stars, the sun, the moon, the flowers … everything can be pointed back to him. I could probably make a string of posts about that, but a lot of those require actual research (sun, moon and stars are not my forte), so I’m just going to stick with snow for now.

Nothing that he put on Earth is a coincidence. That word is not in God’s vocabulary.

So why did he create snow?

“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.” ~ Isaiah 1:18

I’m sure he knew how much fun people would have playing in it. And how it could be melted into water, and how handy it was to track people in the winter, but I believe snow is on our earth to remind us of his grace.

There is nothing more innocent than snow. The ground can be completely bare of any grass, ripped up because of a tractor. It’s only mud and rocks. Then the snow falls, and it’s beautiful. The disaster that was the ground is now covered in sparkles.

How many times in our lives have we driven a ‘tractor’ over the grasses of our lives, ripped it all up, and then didn’t know what to do? That’s when God drops his grace down and we are covered, whole, and washed white as snow.

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. ~ Psalm 51:7

We mess up. A lot. There are a million ways to screw up our lives in some way, and we seem to do a grand job doing it. And though we like to make things complicated down here, God made sure our way out of the messes is uncomplicated.

It’s Jesus. It’s just one man, sent down from heaven, to give the messy people on Earth a chance at salvation. And with salvation comes grace. Grace that washes us white as snow and purges us of our sin. It’s unexplainable. It’s crazy. It’s impossible in the human world.

Snow is messy. It gets into the depths of everything we have, no matter how hard we try to prevent it. Grace is like that. It’s unavoidable, even when we think we don’t deserve it. God finds a way to track in on our boots and he has no intention of leaving.

Let him do it. Let him cover up your sins with the blood that he shed, and let him wash you white as snow. At least ‘up here’ we’re entering into a season that is filled with snowfall. For a good four months. There’s no reason to be excited for sliding five feet every time you put on the brakes, or for the need for hat, mittens, jacket, and heat warmers, but whenever snow sprinkles down ….

Think about how much grace God has given you. Go outside in your winter gear and just stand there in the snow and let it envelop you. Let yourself feel exactly what God has done, because just like when the sky opens up, it is a truly beautiful and joyous miracle.

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