how to enjoy being single

I’m single, unlike a lot of my friends around my age. If I’m being totally honest, it sucks sometimes, especially when they’re going out with their boyfriends, posting cute pictures together, and constantly oohing and ahhing over their guy.

But over the past year, God gave me the chance to actually decide to be single (hallelujah I made the right choice on that one), and I have been on a journey ever since to enjoy my single years as much as possible.

*Full disclaimer: I do not always enjoy them. But these a few fun ways to have fun being single.*

  1. Buy a book. Even if you don’t like reading, go on Goodreads, find something fun, and enjoy. It’s bonus fun if you get some chocolate/tea/something enjoyable and curl up for a few hours.
  2. Go out by yourself. Seriously, it’s actually a lot of fun. During NFL playoffs, I got done with work and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch one of the games. By myself, and I loved it. I could order whatever I wanted, during commercial breaks I read my book (I love reading, just FYI), and I got done and said to myself, “That was just fine, wasn’t it?” I’m sure I got a few looks, but who cares? Don’t go anywhere stupid, but going out street-shopping or out to a fun place that you trust is a good way to be single.
  3. Paint your fingernails/toenails. It’s nothing fancy or crazy, but when you’re dating/married, there’s a decent chance that your guy isn’t gonna want to come with you to watch you get a mani/pedicure. So even if it’s just you, go out, make yourself look cute, and treasure the time.
  4. Find an awesome song and listen to it on repeat. If you’re anything like me, you feel bad listening to the same song for hours at a time in front of anyone. If you don’t care, good for you! But if you do, it’s a little trickier to do that when you’re not single. So enjoy the awesomeness now and play that song every hour of every day!
  5. Go shopping. You don’t even have to buy anything. Take advantage of having no man tagging along, moaning about going into another makeup store. Or that voice at the back of your head saying that you probably should be done, because your guy is going to leave you if you spend five more minutes in this store.
  6. Cultivate your female friendships. This is one I’ve struggled with. For years, I had one best friend, only hung out with said best friend, and then that was basically it. That left me floundering around for relationships that I desperately needed, but I had a difficult time finding. When you find a serious boyfriend/get married, that man should be your best friend. But for the time being? Find some girlfriends. I know it’s difficult and really, really awkward to literally go searching for friends, but if I could do it, so can you. Pray. Ask God to show you women who lift you up, strength you, and if you need it, pray for you. (Bonus points if they do it without you asking.)
  7. Watch a sappy movie. (Trigger warning here: sometimes romantic movies will make my grumpiness about being single worse.) But….if you’re feeling happy and ready for life, put in one of those movies that you’d probably have to beg your guy to watch with you. If you don’t have to, he’s a keeper. Anyways! Most guys don’t like watching The Notebook, or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Have some girlfriends over and have a how-many-romantic-and-sappy-and-sad-movies-can-we-watch-in-twelve-hours night. Or just watch them by yourself. Still enjoyable.
  8. Go for a drive. This goes along with several of the above ideas, but it does need a little discussion of its own. Grab some hot chocolate/sparkling water, turn on some of your favorite music, and just drive. (Please know where you’re going, though.) If it’s a Friday evening and all of your friends are out with their significant others, don’t worry about it. Roll the windows down and enjoy life. Sometimes God shows up big time in those little moments, and it’s a beautiful thing.
  9. Enjoy Jesus. Y’know what? I’ll be the first to admit that God and I have had some conversations about my singleness. Sometimes, I’m more demanding than patient, but that’s for another time. Enjoy Jesus. When you get married, you should never stop that, but in this time of life, God’s giving us a chance to fully trust him. To fully love him, even if you attend twenty weddings in two years and still don’t even have a plus one. Bring Jesus as your date. While other girls are texting at night, talk to Jesus. When you’re out by yourself, ask Jesus to be your partner. He’ll gladly hang out with you, and it’s seriously so awesome when that happens.

Jesus is preparing your man, and although it’s tricky to deal with sometimes, He knows when to let the special guy join you in your talks, in your long drives, in your every moment. It’s something that I can’t fully grasp yet, and probably never will, but these are special times. I know it’s hard, and it’s daunting, and it’s difficult and every other synonym under the book, but it is possible to enjoy yourself.

These are just a few ideas for fun things to do while single, but if you have any other ideas/things you enjoy doing, feel free to share in the comments! All of us single women would love to hear them!

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